This site is the first major social networking site for Africans by Africans. By joining this site, you get to use the internet to do a little of different things:

Live Celebrity Chat: You can log on and chat live with African celebrities in the world of music, movies, sports, politics.

Live Video 1 on 1 Chat: You can now chat live on video with your friends and family overseas, without having to deal with poor telephone connections. You can see the kids, grandkids, mom and dad on video.

Text Chat: You can send text, email and instant messages to other members.

Profiles:  You can create your profile, post text, photos, audio and 1-minute video clips of themselves (taken by cell phone or video camera).

Talent Showcase: You can post video clips, music clips, songs, manuscript excerpts, photos, poems, and other clips of your skills and talent. By doing so, producers, publishers, financiers, sports agents and teams can see these works and hire these people or give them record/book contracts.

Question of the day: You can answer a question we pose so your brothers and sisters can read what you think. The question can be about any activity (soccer, politics, music, movies, news, politics, current events).

Blogs/Opinions/Tips: You can post tips on books, movies, destinations, cuisine, immigration stories, and events about Africa.

Citizen Journalist: You can report a story in your local community through video, audio and/or text reports.

Live Events: You can view live events, such as live surgeries, funerals, weddings, birthdays. You can take a class on just about any subject, without having to travel anywhere. The classroom can teach live and/or videotaped how-to tips on variety of activities, including soccer skills, languages, knitting, arts and crafts, African dancing styles, health and fitness, farming techniques, water filtration, medical procedures etc.

Classifieds: You will be able to buy or sell items to other Africans. The classified categories would be merchandize, jobs, internships, tradesmen, etc.

Private Video Messages: You can live in a remote area of Africa and tape video messages for their family members scattered worldwide or use their cell phones to broadcast family events live. This is the unique feature and the backbone of this online community project. Africans are spread all over the world and have problems keeping in touch with family members back home, let alone seeing them. . These video messages or live webcast will be posted on the site and password protected. Then all they have to do is distribute the password to their various family members worldwide who can access these messages. The video messages will be up for a week at a time and can be refreshed weekly.

You will also have Personalized Profile Pages: Various tailorable blocks of profile information, such as contact info, interests, education . Through your home profile page you can share files, have your photo album, upload stuff from your cell phone. You can also restrict access to parts of your home page.

You will be able to Search other members profile, blogs, forum, classified etc.

You will be able to send private emails to other members as well as invite them to join your network.

You can create and sponsor your own network within the site, such as runners network.

Etc. etc. etc……